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Chamba News : विधानसभा अध्यक्ष 15 अप्रैल को जिला स्तरीय हिमाचल दिवस समारोह की करेंगे अध्यक्षता

Speaker's travel program continues Chamba April 11 Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania will preside over the district level Himachal Day function on April 15 at historic Chaugan in district Chamba. While giving the information, a departmental spokesman said that as per the ongoing migration program of Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania, he will also inspect the place on April 13 at Khairi's Samleu, apart from holding a meeting with the district administration and NHPC officials regarding drowning cases. He said that on April 14, the Assembly Speaker would preside over the annual prize distribution ceremony of Winter Closing Government Senior Secondary School, Balera, while on April 15, he would preside over the district level Himachal Day function to be held in Chamba. On April 16, the Speaker will stay at Sihunta and Chuwadi and leave for Shimla on April 17.

Chamba News : उपायुक्त डीसी राणा के स्थानांतरण पर  सम्मान समारोह आयोजित

The tenure will be unforgettable - DC Rana Thanked public representatives, media-persons and residents of the district for their co-operation Chamba, 10 April In honor of Deputy Commissioner DC Rana transferred from Chamba district, a felicitation ceremony was organized today at Bachat Bhawan by the administrative officers and employees of the Deputy Commissioner's office. In the felicitation ceremony, DC Rana said that transfer is a normal process for any officer-employee. He also said that his tenure in Chamba would be unforgettable. Describing the positive cooperation received by team Chamba in the successful discharge of various departmental works, he said that the district is moving forward rapidly in terms of development. Expressing hope, he said that more meaningful results will come in the coming time and Chamba will be established in the front line of development. DC Rana said that the experience of working in the district with the co-ordination and cooperation of the officers will be unforgettable. He also thanked the people's representatives, media personnel and all the residents of the district for their cooperation. On this occasion, Additional District Magistrate Amit Maihra said in his address that Deputy Commissioner DC Rana has made a special contribution in changing Chamba. There have also been many opportunities to learn while working under his guidance. Due to his ease, no work was difficult, but the work went on smoothly. Ishant Jaswal, Probationary Officer of the Indian Administrative Service, said that DC Rana's efficient leadership and administrative experience will always be a source of inspiration. During this, Additional District Magistrate Amit Maihra and President Deputy Commissioner Employees Union Praveen Mehta and other employees also honored DC Rana by presenting shawl-cap, Chamba handkerchief, Chamba plate. http://Himachal Pradesh Government Superintendent Sushil Kumar did the stage operation in the function. President Deputy Commissioner Employees Union Praveen Mehta shared the work experience done with DC Rana as Deputy Commissioner while keeping the vote of thanks. On this occasion, Assistant Commissioner Manish Chowdhary, SDM Chamba Arun Sharma, District Revenue Officer Jagdish Chand, Tehsildar Chamba Sandeep Kumar and other employees of the Deputy Commissioner's office were present.

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